2018 SYSA Spring Soccer
Venue: Spring Arena Sports

Venue Information
Venue: Spring Arena Sports
Address: Sandpoint Way NE and NE 74th
Seattle, WA  98105
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Web Site: http://www.bing.com/maps/?FORM=Z9LH7#JndoZXJlMT03NDAwK3NhbmQrcG9pbnQrd2F5K25lK1NlYXR0bGUrOTgxMTUmYmI9NDcuNjI0MzU5Njg0NTEwNyU3ZS0xMjIuMzIxMDA0ODY3NTU0JTdlNDcuNjEyMDk0MjgyMTEzNSU3ZS0xMjIuMzQ1NTk1MzU5OD
Directions: Indoor facility to the north of the entrance at the address listed. Follow signs. Separate form needed to play at this facility and is coordinated by SYSA and Arena at no additional fee.

Fields At This Venue
No Field Name Description Status Schedule
NW Spring Arena U9 Synthetic Turf OPEN Schedule
SW Spring Arena U9 Synthetic Turf OPEN Schedule