2023 Spring WISL
Venue: Dwight Merkel Sports Complex

Venue Information
Venue: Dwight Merkel Sports Complex
Address: 5071 North Assembly Street
Spokane, WA  99205
View Map: Google Map
Web Site: http://www.spokanevalleysoccerleague.com/images/Dwight_Merkel_Soccer_Fields.pdf
Directions: 1. From downtown Spokane head North on Washington
2. Turn left onto Indiana (you'll heading West)
3. Turn slight right onto Northwest Blvd (you'll be heading Northwest)
4. The road will eventually curve to the right (you'll be heading North)
5. You will pass the VA Hospital on your left and shortly after reach the complex

Fields At This Venue
No Field Name Description Status Schedule
1 1 Grass OPEN Schedule
2 2 Grass OPEN Schedule
3 3 Grass OPEN Schedule
4 4 Grass OPEN --
5 5 Turf OPEN --
6 6 Turf OPEN --
7A 7A 4v4 Grass OPEN --
7B 7B 4v4 Grass OPEN --
7C 7C 5v5 Grass OPEN --
7D 7D 5v5 Grass OPEN --
8 8 Grass OPEN --
8A 8A 7v7 Grass OPEN --
8B 8B 7v7 Grass OPEN --